When you shop at Squidgly, rest assured that you're receiving the highest quality product available.

Our skilled team meticulously assembles each product with care.

While we have implemented rigorous testing and quality control procedures, occasional human errors may occur.

If your product is not working properly contact us in the first 7 days for support or replacement.

We offer one (1) year warranty from the date of original purchase. Warranty does not reset if you received a replacement.


This offer wont be available for long. If you took advantage of our special lifetime warranty offer, we cover the (TIPS ONLY)

The rest of the products in the order will be covered by the standard one (1) year coverage.

If replacement is approved, customers shall be responsible for shipping expense. (estimated $4.99)

This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser in which the Product was purchased from a retailer authorized by Squidgly to sell the Product and is not transferable from the original consumer purchaser. In the event of a limited warranty claim, proof of purchase will be required. Squidgly's limited warranty shall not apply: to any damaged Product that has been subjected to accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, acts of God, improper handling, improper transport, improper storage, improper use or application, improper installation, improper testing or unauthorized repair, damage from heat, subjection to abnormal physical stress, use of incompatible or unauthorized products, to any Product where any non-water submersible product has been exposed to water, to cosmetic problems or defects that result from normal wear and tear under ordinary use, and do not affect the performance or use of the product. Squidgly's limited warranty applies only to a product that is manufactured by or for Squidgly and identified by the Squidgly trade name or product identification logo affixed to the product. If you notice a problem with your Squidgly Product, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Any attempts at self repair shall void this limited warranty. Squidgly shall not be held liable for damage to any aquarium, aquarium life forms, or other personal objects due to improper use of the device. If the product develops a covered defect within the one-year Warranty Period, Squidgly will, at its option, either repair or replace the Product without charge, provided that the Product is returned during the Warranty Period.



Should i wash the squidgly tips?

Yes. Squidgly tips work best when they are rinsed with tap water to remove any sand, or accumulated salt inside the grabber.

The tips fit too loose, what do i do?

You should contact us immediately upon receiving the tips, if they are not working properly or have fitment issues. we will resolve the issue.

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